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Adrien Lucca

Wave Patterns #6, Ultramarine Blue Light + Phtalo- cyanine Blue + Titanium White + Zinc White / Pigment Yellow 74, 2016
Né en 1983 à Paris — Geboren in 1983 in Parijs
Pigments colle et crayon sur papier, encadrement sous plexiglas — Pigmenten lijm en potlood op papier, frame onder plexiglas 51×55 cm
Photo Hugard & Vanoverschelde
On white paper sheets, grids of little colored squares are painted.
For every composition, the two juxtaposed colors are complementary and the proportion of each color is calculated for the optical average of the grid to be a grey. The local probability for a square of the grid to be of one or of the other color is determined by two superimposed sinusoidal waves, whose frequency and direction are determined by a random number generator. The complementary colors amplify themselves mutually when we look closely at them: a light yellow is more light and more yellow next to a dark blue-violet and vice-versa.
However, the resulting color of the patterns is light, balanced, and a bit faded by the paper's white. The two colors used in every piece were used only once in the series. Some of them are very similar - for example the Pigment Yellow 74 and the Cadmium Yellow dark n°9 -, and these small differences are made more perceptible when they are next to each other. Every pattern is unique by its shape and colors, but is generated by the same series of rules and constraints. 50 % of the paper is covered by paint, and the superficy of the little squares can be 4 mm2, 2 square root of 8 mm2, 16 mm2 or 2 square root of 32 mm2
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