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Filament Sculptures, 2013. 24 sculptures 3D imprimés, ABS filament noir, bois, display acrylique. Edition 1/3. Modèles: M108_S01, M108_S02, M108_S03, M108_S04 24, 3D geprintte sculpturen, ABS filament zwart, hout, plexiglas display. Editie 1/3. Modellen: M108_S01, M108_S02, M108_S03, M108_S04 70 cm x 50 cm x ~6 cm Provenance / Herkomst: Alpha-ville, London.Austrian artist LIA is one of the early pioneers of software and net art and has been creating code-based artworks since 1995. LIA's main tool to create art is code. LIA's works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with digital aesthetics and code. They are characterised by a minimalist quality, and by an affinity with conceptual art. In Filament Sculptures LIA explores the behavior and the aesthetic possibilities of the 3D printing process. In this series, LIA uses 4 base models that develop into 24 unique objects. The resulting objects are a new kind of sculpture, native to the medium, that reflect upon the artist journey into the physical realm and the hybridity of the digital and physical bodies
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